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Empyrean Adventure Awaits Scarletoak

Summit 3 edited.jpg

GCHS Copperridge's Wortha Risk on Riverlook BCAT FDC CGCA CGCU ATT "Riggs"

GCHG Empyrean Copperridge Paint By Numbers "Puzzle"


DOB: November 22, 2021
OFA Hips: Too Young  |  OFA Elbows: Too Young  |  OFA Eyes: Cleared 12-24-22
Paw Prints Aussie Genetic Panel: Pending

Full Dentition  |  Scissors Bite  |  Height/Weight Pending

View Health Certs HERE

Summit is Co owned with Kelly Smith

Bred By: Niki Thompson Gilland, Emma Stone, Stephen Blanco &  Laurin Howard


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